What we used to be: a poem inspired by music.


Bonsoir Mes Chers,

Often when i write, i listen to music.

Music is filled with memories, it is a collective story.

The songwriter has a personal connection, the perfomer has another and we  as audience have our own experience of it.

Music can inspire. It can bring back good memories. It can transport you to a moment in time and for those 3-5 mins, have you relive the memories which you have placed upon that song.

I sometimes imagine the story of a song unfold before my eyes.

Walking down the street in my nieghbourhood i was listening to a song by Neverending white lights‘  it’s called Theme from love will ruin. This is what came out.

I want to return to our lives.

I have visions of it.

I want to love you like the first days.

The first days of spring.

I want to fill the emptiness in my heart.

The void.

The unknown.

It aches.

It stirs.

I want to go back to singing and you pushing me on swings.

I want to laugh.

I want to dance with you all through the night.

I want to feel your feel and soar up to the sky.

I want to fly with you to the moon.

Circle the stars.

Drink the rain.

Dry ourselves with the sun’s radiant rays.

I want to.

I need to.

I don’t understand your thoughts.

I don’t understand your heart.

I don’t know you anymore.

Forgive me. Forgive me.

Here i am.

In your space.

In your face.

If you look at me.

Would you look at me?

If you speak to me.

Everything is over for us now.

It’s sad, a stranger is all that’s left.

A la prochaine,

De moi. pour toi.


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