Top 5 things to do in Nice


Bonsoir Tout le Monde,

My good friend has left for France today and in order to cope with the fact that I can’t be packed in her suitcase; I’ll write about what’s nice about Nice. Corny jokes aside here’s what I suggest and what I enjoyed the most about Nice.

1. Visit a local bakery

You are in the land where pastry is a rite of passage. You can never go back. Get up early and have some pain au chocolat in the morning. With cafe au lait / cafe creme it’s your average breakfast. You can also find and MUST try a Macaron and some quiche. Eat! Mangez, c’est bon pour vous.

2. Go to Promenade des Anglais

Promenade des anglais is a fun relaxing place to take a stroll along at any time of day. There are also restaurants on the other side of the road and hotels overlooking the city and beach.

3. See Nice transform

Nice has completely different vibes like day and night. During the day, Nice was literally nice (ha I know I need a new joke, I’m sorry) It was calm, relaxing, and laid back. At night, it was exciting and energetic. I had the luck to stumble across a concert playing that night. Who knows what you’ll run into. Adventure awaits.

4. Eat some Ratatouille

Yes, I may be biased on the food tip. BUT. Hear me out. Ratatouille originated in Nice. You have to have some, promise me you will. =) For those who don’t know what Ratouille is but have heard of the movie (ha! I’m really not a funny person) it’s basically a vegetable stew. Don’t forget the glass of wine. (but of course) hmm Yummy. Hungry yet?

5. Go to a vintage store

Vintage  Chanel, a Hermes scarf, you can’t go wrong with Yves Saint Laurent. Going to a vintage store is fun for many reasons. If your into fashion its like holding history in your hands. If you can afford it, you can take history home.

Last thing, it’s not on the list because it’s a given. Parlez beaucoup. If you know some french, great! Chat up the locals, you’ll not only get their insight on other things to do, its amazing just to get to know a part of someone’s story.

If you don’t know french, Pas de problème.  Attempt to speak, they are more receptive if you try. (bring a dictionary and have some phrases memorized just in case some people don’t speak english)

et voilà !

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi


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