French Music Fridays! Vive La Fête!


Bonsoir tout le monde!

I hope you have had an amazing week. On the table tonight is one of my favourite musicians. Get your party hats on for…. Vive la Fête !

Vive la Fête is a Belgian duo from Ghent that has been singing together since 1997. They have been featured in fashion shows alongside Karl Lagerfeld. I first heard of the band when watching Les amour imaginaires. The song exactement was featured in a party scene, totally living up to the band’s name.

Picking what song to feature is so hard, I love this band so much.

Here’s the deal. I’ll feature one and also put my top 5, from there you can listen to them and find your favourite. If your favourite is not on the list, let me know I would love to give it a listen.

Top 5 ( in no order)

1. Ne touche pas

2. Maladie D’un fou

3. Noir desir

4. Amour Physique

5. Je ne veux pas

and now for the featured song on the table this week for french song of the week

off their new album entitled; Produit de belgique

Here’s…  Je n’sais pas si tu

also listen to Mi amore ( last one i promise. I was torn. It was a close second)

Vive la Fête et l’amour ,

a la prochaine,

De moi, pour toi


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