Sun and Shade 1952


Bonsoir tout le monde,

I love to stumble upon something and instantly know I have to write about it.

The picture is called Sun and Shade (1952). The Photographer Roy Decarva.

There was something about this photographer that reminded me of Henri-Cartier Bresson, I think it was the feeling it inspired, the sense of capturing a fleeting moment.

When I see this picture I feel like I could be in two places at once. I feel like the woman in this photo is part of something bigger, she has a je ne sais quoi about her. Her shadow is lost in the shade, its as if for a moment it’s not with her.


I can’t stop staring at this photo!

Roy Decarava says: “I don’t really think that the technique really determines the veracity of the image. It’s what the image does to the viewer that determines whether it’s right or wrong.”

a la prochaine,

De moi, pour toi


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