November is here! Here is November!


Bonsoir, Buona Sera, Buenas noches, how are you?

I think I started writing this post a million different ways. For some reason I couldn’t start and then I understood. It’s my 30th post! Subconsciously I wanted to do something special, my 30th post falling on the first of November, my birth month. I mean, what are the chances, if I was 30 or turning 30 then it would be serendipity. Have you ever had those moments when you are being honest with yourself and your writing and then you stop? You doubt yourself and the train of thought disappears. Poof it’s gone. your mind is blank, you started thinking  about what you were writing about or what to write.  You weren’t present in the moment. I think when you write everyday you begin to get a sense of when you are present. I tried to plan out this post. loosely I guess. I wanted to do something involving the start of a new month and how we should see it as a new beginning I was gonna look for an awesome quote to tie it all together. Boom.

And in that moment of silence, of losing my train of thought, of doubt, I realized something. I held my breath in my head, hoping it was going to be something massive. But it came out so simply. Two words.

Be honest.

Be yourself.

Everyday is an opportunity to make a new beginning, most of us feel the rush on the first.

First dates. First kisses. First day of school. First day at work. First day of the month. First day of the year.

I hope you have all had a lovely November 1st.

and that’s the 30th post.

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi


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