Today I had water sans E- Coli


Bonsoir tout le monde!

First things first, let’s announce the winner for the movie tommrow!

Drum roll please.

(taps my awesome drumstick pencil)

The Winner is Bon Cop Bad Cop!

Ughmazing, it should be a barrel of laughs.

Tune in tomorrow for that!

In other news, the birthday celebrations are starting early this year.

I went out with some two of my closest friends and as always our time spent together is best descibed in 3 simple words.

Joie de vivre.

Breaking bread, raising a glass and  sharing whole-hearted laughter.

Our meeting was not planned, it just happened, I love it when that happens.

We  went to a great little restaurant named Segovia, shared some tapas, then some Paella, a pitcher of Sangria and finally a piece of cake.

Everything tasted amazing, how can it not in such great company?

We had a charming, witty server who I assumed also owned the restaurant.

He was so funny, he came by and poured water into our glasses and said “and for you some water without E-coli.” (that’s just one of the many things he said)

As soon as you entered the restaurant  it was filled with a “Spanish ambience”,  complete with classical guitar caressing your ears as your taste buds went on a Spanish adventure.

I would go back with a bigger group and when they have live entertainment.

(Hint hint, Flamenco dancers or a live guitarist)

I’m gonna leave you with some spanish guitar, played by the one and only Andres Segovia.

Coincidence? I think not!

A la prochaine,

De moi, pour toi


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