How Eat Pray Love became an Ode to Family


Bonsoir Tout le monde!

  Eat Pray Love is one of my favourite movies, and the book is on my go to-shelf. (Books with easy access that I frequently turn to) Julia Roberts being my favourite actress cast as Elizabeth Gilbert  in a movie about self discovery and travel is totally up my alley. I could go on forever about my admiration for Julia Roberts and Eat Pray Love in general but it’s an introduction to what I’m writing about today. In the movie, when Julia goes to Rome she meets this Italian woman who has rules about renting her place. She says some funny things like “you American girls,  when you come to Rome all you want is pasta and sausage” (makes hand gesture) It’s funnier when you see it. The thing that stuck with me apart from that funny moment was when she talked about family. She said, in Italian, i’m translating (personally it sounds better in Italian, on the bucket list, but I digress) “The only thing that remains, is family.”

And finally after a mini, and trust me that was mini talk about Julia Roberts and Eat Pray Love, I’d like to talk about the person who listens to the end of my epic quoting, singing, rants, theories and ramblings on everything. Seriously, Everything. My absolute favourite person in the world, my big sister.

Where do I even begin?

I could begin by thanking her for incessantly annoying our mom to have me. Can you imagine a life-sized doll who could actually answer and play with you?  I’m not sure if at that moment she knew I would, first, grow up and second grow to incessantly “annoy” her in my pre-teen years. ( me?! could never, but I don’t want to sound one-sided)

Yeah, let’s start there.

I’d like to thank her for many things.

Among many things,  she warmed up the womb for me, by the time I inherited the place it had cooled down. I think it’s perhaps the reason I get cold really easily, guess she didn’t get the mental memo. Funny, she gets them now.

When I was born, things changed radically. My family had just came to a new country, they were getting used to a new language and to top it off a new member of the family. The Canadian.

Growing up with my sister has hilarious stories, like the time she regretted asking for me and asked my mom to give me away because I cried too much. The time she took me to school for show and tell and our mom had the biggest scare of her life, the time I followed her to school (the first time she took me it was so much!) This all happened before I turned 5. Our family should have noted then that we would become inseparable.

We have shared rooms, beds, secrets, bottles of wine, endless portions of food, laughs and above all memories. She is the person I’ll always turn to for guidance and support. The only person I can be myself around, the one who brings out my goody side, who actually thinks I’m funny. (I need to let the funny thing go, I know)  She’ll call me on my crap when needed and back me up when I feel like I’m the only one fighting for a dream that at times feels impossible. We are night and day. I’ve always wondered whether we would be friends if we just met  randomly on the street. Our tastes are so different, picking a movie to watch is a mission. I’ve grown to understand that it’s our ability to compromise and accept our differences that balance us out. And that, makes us a pretty awesome duo.

My sister was a crazy kid she still is inside, as a child she just needed a sidekick. I’m proud and blessed to be that sidekick.

A la Prochaine,

De moi pour toi
Note: I’m totally making her watch Eat Pray Love again tonight =p



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  1. I absolutely love Eat. Pray. Love., I found the book while walking through the Salvation Army (or the like) bookshelves and found it for super cheap. I was just overwhelmed with the motivation that book gave. After awhile I started highlighting my favorite parts and would eventually use them as a reference. I later watched the movie, but the book was still the best.

    • I totally always prefer book over movie. If I get a chance i’ll read the book first and then watch the movie. With Eat Pray Love I heard about the movie first because the lovely Julia Roberts was starring in it. A little later, perhaps a month later I was persuing a local used book store and cue ahh music there it was. The book was a page turner, I read it everywhere, and exactly as you said I was also overwhelmed with the motivation the book had. I then watched the movie again and noticed that certain parts I really liked in the book were missing. (to be expected) I have to say i’m biased (Juila Roberts) I enjoy both the movie and the book. I thought about it but thanks to you, I’m gonna highlight my favourite parts too. A mini inspirational book within a book. Wonder what story that will tell. Thank you!

      • Another book to movie you might enjoy would be ‘The Virgin Suicides’, the movie is identical to the book. It’s a fiction, but still very good.

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