What inspires me to write is inspiration itself


I find inspiration in many things.


Music literally has the capacity to bring me to tears, to imagine a story unfolding, to see bodies dance, bodies in motion.

The body is a truly remarkable thing, everything working together in unison, muscles we didn’t even know existed working.


Dancers tell stories with their bodies. I’ve taken a dance class but by no means consider myself a dancer. What they do, what they transmit is beyond words sometimes.

Combine these two together and you have me dreaming, wanting to sing at the top of my lungs, dancing with no restrictions, laugh, cry but most of all present in the moment. The moment is mine, the minutes may pass, the days may pass and some may be filled with adversities. In those moments, although I may not always realize it, I feel most alive. For those moments I am grateful.

A la prochaine lovely readers,

De moi pour toi


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