Working title. A preview


Bonsoir tout le monde,

 Recently, I’ve been working on my first full length play. It’s a solo piece and It’s no where near being done, but I’d  like to share an excerpt of it.  I don’t have a title for it yet, nor do I know how it’s going to end. I like not knowing, it’s been quite the adventure.

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi

I close my eyes for just a moment and the thought of you comes rushing in. It comes crashing in like a wave. A smile takes over. I then crave the warmth of your touch, your fingers on my hair and the words I used to hear. Instead, I feel the raindrops run from my hair, down my face and hide on my neck. The streets are empty and gray, the rain my sole company. You look so healthy. Balanced.  At peace. I take a second to look at you, oblivious of me. Then I make my way towards you; all that separates us is lights, cars, puddles, seconds, breaths. You turn your head and finally see me, we smile for a moment. My heart beating out of my chest.  I place that moment on infinite pause so when I close my eyes I can see it, time after time again. The hands of time rewind, the rain falls up, the raindrops run back up my neck, up my cheek and forehead. As I walk backwards, I hold on to the tenderness found within your eyes.  Before time runs out, my eyes attempt to rapidly sketch your face,  to remember every detail but I get lost in your eyes. I always did.  The moment has passed. I open my eyes and read, here lies Luca, loyal husband and dutiful son. Until we meet again.


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