Spotlight: A Monster in Paris


Bonsoir tout le monde!

At home the DVR records everything,  and with the majoirty of my family  living under one roof,  finding space to record something you want to watch can be a little challenging. I was flipping channels once and I came across the film Paris, starring Juilet Binoche and Romain Duris. The film had already started and I was on the hunt for children’s programming so I figured  I’d record it and watch it at another time. For about a week I anxiously waited to watch the film. For some reason the next time I could catch the film (after I stumbled upon it ) was a week later. And so I watched the trailer, and unsuccessfuly looked for it on netflix. What I found instead today was.. A Monster in Paris! I was first introduced to the film when I was listening to Vanessa Paradis. Her video of La Siene Ft M had excerpts of A Monster in Paris. When one door closes another opens I didn’t watch Paris, but I did watch A Monster in Paris and it would be a family event. Usually I watch French movies on my own.

Great! Best of both worlds. Animated film for the niece, French language for me to listen and enjoy.  And then I loaded the movie. It was in english, I couldn’t watch it in french. In the end  I didn’t mind.  My sister and niece were glued to the screen and have been singing the english version of  La Siene by Vanessa Paradis.

The movie is great for the family, If you have a netflix account you can check it out!

I’ll leave you with the trailer, as for me I’ll be dancing and singing La Seine with my niece.

A la Prochaine,

De moi pour toi


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