Auguste Rodin: The man behind the thinker and the kiss


Bonsoir a tous

For some time I’ve been wanting to write about the legendary Rodin. I remember my first experience of Rodin, I was in the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and I saw it: the  famous sculpture called the thinker. It wasn’t the real thing but despite that I stared at that sculpture for a while. I questioned what is he thinking about? Was this a real man posing for Rodin? What was Rodin thinking about when he sculpted it? Was he thinking of anything at all? I have enormous respect for sculptors, the fact that they can create something with life-like detail out of something like marble or bronze, it feels as if the works of art are alive. I remember staring at sculptures, the fingers, the lines, the facial expressions, the clothing or lack of clothing. If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Doctor who” don’t blink. (mini inside joke between doctor fans ) It is impossible to talk about Rodin without mentioning the passionate relationship with his student Camille Claudel. She served as a muse and worked alongside him for various years before her decent into madness. The mystery behind Claudel is still pondered today with films and plays inspired by their relationship. Rodin’s trajectory is unique, including le baiser (the kiss) the gates of hell ( his unfinished work) mains des amants (Lovers hands and one of my personal favorites) Rodin can capture contrasting emotions of happiness and anguish. Passion and grace. If I could have a soiree with a group of artists from any period, Rodin would be in that list.  If your ever in Paris you should check out  Musee Rodin. It’s one thing to see pictures of his works  it’s another to stand before the sculpture itself. To know that you are witnessing a work of art that has been around probably longer than you have, that the artist’s essence is found within,  and that you are sharing a collective experience with those in the museum.

You can visit the museum’s website here

A la prochaine,

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