My Breakup with C


We need to talk.

I’m not quite sure how to say this. I mean, there is no easy way to say this without someone getting hurt.

You can’t act as if it’s a big surprise. We’ve been on and off for a few months. I’ve expressed my unhappiness,  I said I would finally leave you once and for all. I thought I could ignore the signs, I was so happy,  remember how happy we were? I used to rise and  fall with you. I used to defend you when people talked bad about you, when people urged me to leave you.

We had some great times. You know I’ll never forget you, you were my everything for so many years.  I don’t want to end on bad terms, but I know that if we continue on this path we’re on, you are going to hurt me. I can’t afford that, I’m sorry.

I’ve got a confession to make.

I’ve been with someone else.

It started innocent, T helped me get to sleep, you kept me up all night.

T was there for me when I was sick and would make me feel better.

I felt calmer and  happier.

Soon enough, I started going to T when I wasn’t sick and in need of sleep. It became an everyday thing. I could feel myself missing you,  craving you, wanting to go back to you.  I remembered the good times but that’s all they are now, they’re just good times.

I’m sorry to throw away all of our years  together but I need to be away from you until we could go back to the way we used to be, once upon a time.

Goodbye Coffee,

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi


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    • Aww thank you! So lovely to see you around here =)
      Green “T” is awesome! I know what you mean about the lag, I would feel a dip in energy after a while of having coffee and then would need to get another. I recently had jasmine green tea. ( Amazing)

      • I’m happy to keep coming back 🙂
        There are a lot of amazing teas out there. Enjoy the experimentation. Have you tried loose leaf? Or are you a “bag” girl?

      • It is a NEW world with tea. I had no idea there were so many options and combinations of flavours. Today for example, I had pommegranate white tea ( It was pretty good, I might add) Most mornings I’ll have cranberry and it will be bagged. I’ve never had loose leaf tea before, I’m not sure I’ve graduated to that level. What’s the difference between the bag and loose leaf?

      • Those all sound delicious. Right now I’m steeping some peppermint to hopefully bring my voice back since I have an interview later this morning. Personally, I’ve never tried loose leaf tea, but I have a few friends who won’t have it any other way. They claim the flavors are more “there”, if that makes any sense. It’s pricier but worth it. I’m hoping to try it eventually, there are been several loose leaf tea vendors opening up in my general area or close to where I work, so I may have to give in 😉

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