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Saro solo un treno in transito and what that means to me


Bonsoir a tous,

I apologize profusely for not posting yesterday, I came home pretty late and didn’t realize when I had knocked out sleeping.

I was thinking about what to write today and the words wouldn’t flow. I felt some sort of block. ( writer’s block/ writer’s doubt) Most of the time writing comes to me pretty naturally. I have a story I want to share and I do. Before starting this blog I had stacks of notebooks filled with tiny blurbs. Monologues, plays, diary entries, it would be a melange of things. Whatever I was feeling, I would express it, I wouldn’t censor myself. Sometimes I feel like I should censor myself. Even contemplating about the fact that I feel I should censor myself caused me to want to edit myself and that statement. “People don’t want to read that.” And the little voice appears. That little voice that knows when you have an inch of doubt, It could be about anything, writing, a decision. The little voice convinces us not to trust ourselves. And sometimes we believe it. It came from within, it must be right. It’s not. Not always. I believe in listening to our intuition, I think that doesn’t lead us astray. Our intuition would tell us to trust that although things may seem scary, to trust that we will be taken care of. We are works in progress; I used to be focused on the next 3 steps. What will happen next, I wasn’t focusing on what happened in front of me. I remembered the past but wanted to live in the future, that future where everything would finally be settled. What I failed to realize is that we are constantly in motion.

It actually hit me, I learned the lesson when I was in Italy. I was in Calabria, the streets were filled with graffiti. The people each on their individual journeys some walked alone, other in pairs; I watched them until I noticed something spray painted in Italian.  The wall read:

“Saro solo un treno in transito”

I came to find out that it meant. I will only be a train in motion.

In motion, In transition, In progress, in the process of.

I see a train. I see it glide before my eyes. I watch it pass me by. I feel the wind gently caress my face. A smile takes over. Then I realize I’m that train. I’m on a constant journey. The little voice forgets that, it wants us to doubt ourselves, to doubt our potential. However big or small when we fail to be honest with ourselves, we relinquish a little control to the voice that will have us doubt ourselves for life. Nothing will ever be enough for the little voice. When you think about it, the end result of anything is a fleeting moment. The middle, one foot in front of the other, that’s the exciting part, because there’s still so much more ahead and it could be anything, we could make it anything.

Today, I choose to dream, to be happy, right now. Writing, listening to music, be-ing.

Today I choose to be.

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi


Ramblings about Change



I’ve been thinking a lot about travelling lately. I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is that has recently compelled me to think about it so much. Sometimes I think it’s less about taking a plane somewhere but rather a change in direction.

The saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Change can be instantaneous. The effects of that change are not.

Change can also happen for a long period of time and the effects can be understood in a single moment, the moment we make sense of the change or that the change happened.

I’ve always wondered about the nature of change. I don’t have the answer all I know for sure is that it’s necessary.

Lately, I feel as if the world is changing all around me. Everything is shifting and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know whether to stop it and even if I wanted to I don’t think I could. I wouldn’t know how to, it’s an intuitive feeling; I wish I could it describe better.

The best way I could possibly describe it is this:

Picture you are in the middle of a town. It’s empty. There are buildings all around you. Picture, Western style, with saloons, you almost want to whistle the theme song of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but before you do, or you did it’s pretty epic and rather tempting. The buildings start to shift and re-arrange themselves. Like, the awesome cowboy or girl that you are, the protector reflex comes out but you don’t act upon it. Instead you watch these buildings shift and re-arrange themselves knowing that it is necessary. You don’t know how you know, you just know. It’s inexplicably beautiful to watch when you let go and just look.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi

November is here! Here is November!


Bonsoir, Buona Sera, Buenas noches, how are you?

I think I started writing this post a million different ways. For some reason I couldn’t start and then I understood. It’s my 30th post! Subconsciously I wanted to do something special, my 30th post falling on the first of November, my birth month. I mean, what are the chances, if I was 30 or turning 30 then it would be serendipity. Have you ever had those moments when you are being honest with yourself and your writing and then you stop? You doubt yourself and the train of thought disappears. Poof it’s gone. your mind is blank, you started thinking  about what you were writing about or what to write.  You weren’t present in the moment. I think when you write everyday you begin to get a sense of when you are present. I tried to plan out this post. loosely I guess. I wanted to do something involving the start of a new month and how we should see it as a new beginning I was gonna look for an awesome quote to tie it all together. Boom.

And in that moment of silence, of losing my train of thought, of doubt, I realized something. I held my breath in my head, hoping it was going to be something massive. But it came out so simply. Two words.

Be honest.

Be yourself.

Everyday is an opportunity to make a new beginning, most of us feel the rush on the first.

First dates. First kisses. First day of school. First day at work. First day of the month. First day of the year.

I hope you have all had a lovely November 1st.

and that’s the 30th post.

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi

Life.. Some guidelines


Bonjour a tous,

For some people Monday is a difficult day, i’m no expection.

We need motivation for the week.

I have this board on my wall,my sister gave it to me as a gift.

The board  always inspires me everytime I read it, I would like to share the message along with you.

( I tried to take a picture but you cant really read it)

It says:


Find a passion and pursue it.

Fall in love. Dream Big.

Drink Wine. Eat great food and spend quality time with friends.

Laugh Everyday.


reminisce about the good days but look with optimism to the future.

Travel often.


Spend time with people you admire.

Sieze opportunities when they reveal themselves.




Make time to enjoy the simple things in life.

Spend time with family.  Forgive even when its hard.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.



Don’t count the minutes count the laughs.

Embrace change. Trust in yourself.

Be thankful. Be nice to everybody.



Authour Unknown.

Hope the message speaks to you in more than one way, I know it does for me.

Which one is your favourite one?

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi

Some observations on solitude and life, Ramblings, really


Bonsoir lovely people!

Today was a day full of observations, fleeting moments of inspiration. It felt like everything i saw I wanted to write about or comment about. I thought about how awesome it would be to share it with you, then the little voice happened.

You know that little voice.

The one that comes in and says well maybe they don’t want to hear about it. It’s boring. It’s everyday life. Who wants to read about that?

Or it says,  too many ideas just focus on one, that way you could flesh what you want to say in detail.

Then, I dont know about you, but I get anxious.

All of a sudden I don’t know what  to write, the little voice has a comment on everything i’m thinking of.

Did I mention this was happening on the bus?

I was sitting in absolute silence, in a bus full of strangers and it felt like they weren’t there.

I mean, I actually forgot they were there.

Everyone was either listening to music, reading a book, or texting.

We were all on that bus together yet we were all alone, no one interacted.

I find it so strange and so normal all at the same time.

I mean, who doesn’t like listening to their favourite tunes on the way to work or being caught up in the latest twist and turns of an awesome book or catching up with a friend via text?

Then I start to think about humanity all together and I get anxious again.

But finally there’s something about movement and solitude where now the little voice is telling you something rather than suggesting crap that makes you feel bad.

I realized:

Sometimes you have to a learn a lesson a few times in order to really understand it. As if the lesson has layers. And when you do understand the lesson you realize there’s still another way to understand it. That, in itself is another lesson.

I realized and understood that what you are most ” authentic” when you think no one is looking.

I’d like to share a picture with you. It was taken a few years back when I was part a youth theatre program. Looking at it today, I have no idea what I was thinking or feeling in that moment. To me, the picture can speak for itself.

And i’m happy with that.

Take that, little voice!


A la prochaine,

De moi, pour toi