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A letter of apology and comments on blue week


Bonsoir tout le monde,

What a crazy week! I am so sorry for keeping you out of the loop, I have so much to update you on. First off, let me explain this phenomena that I had no idea existed until very recently, Monday to be exact. I was in accounting class, (I’m back in school, I know, I can’t believe it myself) and my prof said something about blue week. I was so confused, she then goes to explain that blue week is supposed to be the most depressing week of the year.

Why you ask? ( I also asked, don’t feel bad)

She explained that it’s after the holiday cheer has worn off, we are offically back at work or school (both for me) we now have to face our holiday shopping credit card bill, and to top it off, the new resolutions we had firmly made are now crumbling beneath our feet.

That does sound pretty depressing.

Then I started to think. What about my new years resolutions?

I’m not as far along as I would have liked. I have yet to go to the gym. My schedule is always changing. So the time I get home is either dedicated to studying, answering work emails, sleeping and very little writing. The time I wake up has also varied, for example if I stay up till past midnight I will not function properly at 5:00 am.

That’s not to say that I’ve given up. Far from it. But I think it’s more important to do your best everyday, because every day is going to be different. I can’t always plan to be in bed by 9:30 every night so I can be up at 5:00. ( sometimes I get out of work at 9:00)  Or go grocery shopping on Saturday to prepare for the week. Or to bring my lunch everyday. Life happens. Today, for example,  I forgot my lunch. I had it packed ready to go, I was having breakfast and I don’t even know how I forgot it.

After that wonderful opening to a class i’m already not a big fan of, I felt a little defeated like the resolutions got to me. The 5am self, the little voice, it won. I could even hear  faintly, in the distance, the victory song.

And then I realized, It’s not over till it’s over.

I almost fell for it.

So sure, I have some balancing to do. We all do to a certain extent. Things aren’t ever really set in stone. And sometimes, If I have a lot to do and I don’t post it’s not because I don’t want to believe me, I have so much fun with all of you. I’ll probably tweet something so you know.

Fun Fact: The only consistent thing in my new years resolutions has been the quiting of coffee! ( although I had a major craving for it on monday, it was all good, I have a great support system and jasmine green tea just rocks my world)

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi


Re-focusing New Years Resolutions


Bonjour mes chers!

With the first week of the new year coming to a close I’ve decided to go about my new years resolutions in another way. What I’ve discovered in this week is that I’m trying to do too much all at once. What I mean by this is that although my resolutions are built in a way that they can all harmiously co-exist, I need to master one, engrain one habit before adding another. That way I build a good foundation and my new years resolutions stick.

The inspiration for this came in two ways:

First, in attempting to complete or rather, cultivate my resolutions I felt unfocused. I felt that If I continued to do everything all at once I would end up doing nothing.

This lead me to remember:

The Happiness Project- Gretchen Rubin

 On my reference shelf next to Eat Pray Love

Gretchen Rubin and The Happiness Project. In the book Gretchen takes her resolutions and categorizes them by month. She takes the whole month to focus  and work towards a particular goal. She continually challenges herself by then,  adding a new related resolution once she has mastered the first goal. The next month she focuses on another aspect and continues to do so every month.

 How do I plan on re-focusing?

Same principles. By addressing each of my resolutions monthly. So now, for the month of January I will focus on  building a morning routine by waking up early. The goal is 5:00 am everyday. Then I’ll focus on eating breakfast at home before leaving everyday. Once I’ve got those into my system, I’ll be up by 5:00am, have my breakfast and make lunch before leaving my home. If I can manage to squeeze in some time to take a walk, get some writing in or get ahead in my work day that would be amazing.

In Feburary, I will make my plan for maintaining a tidy room and maintaing my french.

I’m excited. I think I can make this work. One step at a time.

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi

New Years Resolutions 2013- Year of the Snake


Bonjour tout le monde!

With the new year coming to a close it’s  time to look back on 2012 and make resolutions for the upcoming year. 2013 will be the year of the snake, as a fellow snake is it safe to say that this will be my year? Whatever the year holds I hope to continously work on growing, and look forward to shaing my experiences with you. I’m sure i’ll have stories to share.

1. Wake up Early.

I am not an early bird in the slightest. I love to sleep. When I can, I sleep in as much as I can. This means I have fewer hours in the day to get things done and if it’s one I want to avoid its stress. I want to not just get things done but do them at my own pace.

2. Make my lunch and coffee at home.

This is a toughie. So is waking up early for that matter, but I try to do this one every year, I’m good for a week and then I slack off. But hey, I’ve learned some things from not being successful before. I need to schedule my meals in advance go shopping before and most importantly discipline and motivate myself to continue. It’s healthier, tastier and will generate huge savings. I can spend those savings on a trip to Spain or go back to Paris but for longer time.

3. Say no.

I have a lot of trouble with this one. Naturally, I love to help people. I will always put family and work before doing anything for myself. This isn’t to say that no will become my mantra. I just need to accept that it’s not a crime to say no, people won’t hate me and stick to my guns about it. No I will not babysit when I clearly need to study, No I will not take on any more projects until I’m finished what I’m currently working on. No I can’t go out this week and would prefer if you didn’t insist. No. Ah, I feel better already.

4. Step out of my comfort zone.

I don’t know exactly how this will play out yet. But I want to do more things that will be new and foreign to me. I have a good friend who I know will be useful in that department.  It sounds good in theory but I’ll probably be kicking myself later, and then I’ll be happy I did it.  What a cycle but it always happens.

5.  Maintain My French.

I need to read more. And Gulp. Talk to more people. I’m getting better but I want to push myself to speak confidently with more people. Pushing myself out of comfort zone, this can work.

6. Laugh more. Hug more. Trust more.

Trusting more will be the most difficult one to accomplish. I put up walls, with everyone. Sometimes I think that’s all people see. I need to make bridges. I need to show the people in my life I care, I know they know, but I also know that they somehow wish I would show it more.  Or show it in different ways. I guess trusting more is also out of my comfort zone. Trust more. Good things will come out of it.

What are your New year’s resolutions? Do you have any advice that could help me with mine?

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi

New years resolution in September?!


We’ve all done it.

Make a list of new years resolutions and abandon them within two weeks. Or better yet losing interest and not attempting to complete them at all.

I hear you.

Starting this blog is my attempt to complete one of those goals…

Let me explain

I made the resolution in January of this year and haven’t gotten around to it till… well now.

A little late, but hey better late than never right?

A la prochaine!

 De moi pour toi