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Food for thought thanks to Indira Ghandi


Let that one sink in. I’m officially blown away. Just completly speaks to my situation and one of my resolutions.

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi


My Breakup with C


We need to talk.

I’m not quite sure how to say this. I mean, there is no easy way to say this without someone getting hurt.

You can’t act as if it’s a big surprise. We’ve been on and off for a few months. I’ve expressed my unhappiness,  I said I would finally leave you once and for all. I thought I could ignore the signs, I was so happy,  remember how happy we were? I used to rise and  fall with you. I used to defend you when people talked bad about you, when people urged me to leave you.

We had some great times. You know I’ll never forget you, you were my everything for so many years.  I don’t want to end on bad terms, but I know that if we continue on this path we’re on, you are going to hurt me. I can’t afford that, I’m sorry.

I’ve got a confession to make.

I’ve been with someone else.

It started innocent, T helped me get to sleep, you kept me up all night.

T was there for me when I was sick and would make me feel better.

I felt calmer and  happier.

Soon enough, I started going to T when I wasn’t sick and in need of sleep. It became an everyday thing. I could feel myself missing you,  craving you, wanting to go back to you.  I remembered the good times but that’s all they are now, they’re just good times.

I’m sorry to throw away all of our years  together but I need to be away from you until we could go back to the way we used to be, once upon a time.

Goodbye Coffee,

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi

The 5am Self


Bonjour a tous,

I have to admit it, waking up today was difficult. It was difficult because of my 5am self. Let me explain my 5am self. The alarm rings, I go to turn it off. It’s dark in my room and for a split second, literally a split second my 5am self becomes strong. It throws all these arguments as to why I should  stay in bed and not wake up.

“5 more minutes”

“But were so warm here”

“you don’t technically have to wake up at 5:00 today”

“I’m tired”

“I’m tired”


“You’ll fall back asleep, I promise. Just stay in bed”

I can’t tell you how convincing those arguments have been in the past. 5 more minutes would have been more than enough to keep me in bed. Today as tempting as the 5am self was I actually woke up. That was not easy. I went to sleep earlier the night before, and I still felt tired. It’s been 3 days since my last coffee. I’m trying to cut back on coffee. I would always say don’t talk to me until I have my coffee, because i’m grumpy and not my usual self. It was as if the 5am self  would dissolve at the first sip of coffee. Now i’m drinking herbal tea. It doesn’t mess with my sleep. I’m looking into getting celestial teas. Are those any good? I know nothing of tea, I grew up with coffee so that’s another adventure.

How to defeat 5am self:

At the first hint of hestitation. Don’t stop, just get up. Make it almost a reflex because all it takes is one second of doubt for it to pounce.

Stretch. Move your body. It’s wakes your body up and signals that the day is starting.

Make yourself a routine. Plan what you would like to ideally accomplish the next morning. It doesn’t have to be a lot, so long as you have a plan. What can you do the night before to ensure you follow through? Rememeber the 5am self is strongest at 5am you can’t trust yourself to have tons of willpower in the morning.

Personally my routine has been this: Wake up, take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, have breakfast (I did today!)  Write blog post, make lunch as tea is brewing. I think i’ll try to incorporate working out next week.

I am so happy I’ve chosen to do this. I get more done in the day, feel less stressed, sleep better, and feel more balanced.

Je vous souhaite une bonne journee!

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi

New Years Resolutions 2013- Year of the Snake


Bonjour tout le monde!

With the new year coming to a close it’s  time to look back on 2012 and make resolutions for the upcoming year. 2013 will be the year of the snake, as a fellow snake is it safe to say that this will be my year? Whatever the year holds I hope to continously work on growing, and look forward to shaing my experiences with you. I’m sure i’ll have stories to share.

1. Wake up Early.

I am not an early bird in the slightest. I love to sleep. When I can, I sleep in as much as I can. This means I have fewer hours in the day to get things done and if it’s one I want to avoid its stress. I want to not just get things done but do them at my own pace.

2. Make my lunch and coffee at home.

This is a toughie. So is waking up early for that matter, but I try to do this one every year, I’m good for a week and then I slack off. But hey, I’ve learned some things from not being successful before. I need to schedule my meals in advance go shopping before and most importantly discipline and motivate myself to continue. It’s healthier, tastier and will generate huge savings. I can spend those savings on a trip to Spain or go back to Paris but for longer time.

3. Say no.

I have a lot of trouble with this one. Naturally, I love to help people. I will always put family and work before doing anything for myself. This isn’t to say that no will become my mantra. I just need to accept that it’s not a crime to say no, people won’t hate me and stick to my guns about it. No I will not babysit when I clearly need to study, No I will not take on any more projects until I’m finished what I’m currently working on. No I can’t go out this week and would prefer if you didn’t insist. No. Ah, I feel better already.

4. Step out of my comfort zone.

I don’t know exactly how this will play out yet. But I want to do more things that will be new and foreign to me. I have a good friend who I know will be useful in that department.  It sounds good in theory but I’ll probably be kicking myself later, and then I’ll be happy I did it.  What a cycle but it always happens.

5.  Maintain My French.

I need to read more. And Gulp. Talk to more people. I’m getting better but I want to push myself to speak confidently with more people. Pushing myself out of comfort zone, this can work.

6. Laugh more. Hug more. Trust more.

Trusting more will be the most difficult one to accomplish. I put up walls, with everyone. Sometimes I think that’s all people see. I need to make bridges. I need to show the people in my life I care, I know they know, but I also know that they somehow wish I would show it more.  Or show it in different ways. I guess trusting more is also out of my comfort zone. Trust more. Good things will come out of it.

What are your New year’s resolutions? Do you have any advice that could help me with mine?

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi

12 Women Directors changing the face of American Theatre


Bonsoir tout le monde,

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I considered doing a status update post that read “Bedtime takes two hours. When In the night garden doesn’t put the kids to sleep.

It’s ok if you don’t understand the reference. I’ve been watching too much treehouse. (Children’s network )

But today is another story. I was reading an online article which made me proud to be a woman and in theatre. I decided to share it with you. For those who follow theatre this is right up your alley.  The article lists 12 women directors who are changing american theatre. You can read the article here.

I have some new women to look up to!

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi



Just spreading the word about this fabulous project =)
A la Prochaine,
De moi pour toi

Cristian Mihai

First I’d like to tell you about this great Indiegogo contest. All you have to do is go here and vote for our favorite perk. First prize gets a $500 contribution, second prize a $300 contribution, and third prize a $200 contribution. Also, 5 randomly selected voters will receive an Indiegogo prize bag that include an Indiegogo tote bag with an Indiegogo water bottle, notebook, pen, and sticker. Cool stuff. Also, you can vote every hour or so, but that would just be asking too much from you. But if you want, I’m not gonna stop you.

And now for today’s topic. Online audience.

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November is here! Here is November!


Bonsoir, Buona Sera, Buenas noches, how are you?

I think I started writing this post a million different ways. For some reason I couldn’t start and then I understood. It’s my 30th post! Subconsciously I wanted to do something special, my 30th post falling on the first of November, my birth month. I mean, what are the chances, if I was 30 or turning 30 then it would be serendipity. Have you ever had those moments when you are being honest with yourself and your writing and then you stop? You doubt yourself and the train of thought disappears. Poof it’s gone. your mind is blank, you started thinking  about what you were writing about or what to write.  You weren’t present in the moment. I think when you write everyday you begin to get a sense of when you are present. I tried to plan out this post. loosely I guess. I wanted to do something involving the start of a new month and how we should see it as a new beginning I was gonna look for an awesome quote to tie it all together. Boom.

And in that moment of silence, of losing my train of thought, of doubt, I realized something. I held my breath in my head, hoping it was going to be something massive. But it came out so simply. Two words.

Be honest.

Be yourself.

Everyday is an opportunity to make a new beginning, most of us feel the rush on the first.

First dates. First kisses. First day of school. First day at work. First day of the month. First day of the year.

I hope you have all had a lovely November 1st.

and that’s the 30th post.

A la prochaine,

De moi pour toi